Welcome to the Substance Abuse Policy Research Program’s "Knowledge Assets" web site. This site was developed with one goal in mind: to give policy makers, journalists and researchers accurate, current, and peer-reviewed insights on policy research related to alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

The term “Knowledge Asset” refers to a comprehensive body of information focused on a particular substance abuse issue. Each Knowledge Asset is written by a leading researcher and reviewed by a team of independent researchers or experts.

Each Asset includes an overview of the topic; implications for policy; research results from SAPRP-funded and other landmark studies; and charts and graphs to clearly convey the scope of the issue. Each asset also includes links to other resources and key researchers in the field.

The Knowledge Assets offer perspective and context for a wide variety of contemporary challenges surrounding alcohol, tobacco and drug use in modern society. They help answer practical questions that are often asked in the public and policy debates surrounding substance abuse issues. Knowledge Assets also highlight the available scientific evidence to help resolve conflicting viewpoints.

Ultimately, the Knowledge Assets provide the many people involved in issues related to substance abuse with a template for engaging in meaningful discussions and making informed decisions.






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Each Knowledge Asset is summarized in a Policy Brief .

  • Key Results summarize the findings from leading research studies funded by SAPRP and other institutions.
  • Key Resources provide the sources for the key results as well as additional information, such as interviews with leading experts in a field.
  • Key Researchers provide names, institutional affiliation and e-mail addresses of researchers whose work is featured in each Knowledge Asset.


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