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New Directions in Local Control of Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising

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The first tobacco advertising case that will be briefed under this project is Lindsey v. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept., et al, C97-5076RJB. The brief was filed with the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco in September 1998. The amice joining in the brief will be the American Medical Association, the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society Western Pacific Division, National Families in Action, and the Washington Education Association. There are extraordinarily important policy implications generated by Lindsey v. Tacoma. Lindsey did two things never done before by a local government. First, it stretched the scope of tobacco advertisement control by banning publicly visible ads throughout the entire county. As an accommodation to retailers and smokers, small tombstone notices indicating availability of cigarettes for sale are the only kind of ¬Ďadvertisements' allowed. Second, the stretching was done by the County Board of Health. This case points all local authorities, particularly public health authorities, towards new horizons in tobacco control.

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