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Alcohol Risk Management: Project ARM

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Clear, written policies are needed in alcohol establishments to prevent illegal alcohol sales to underage and obviously intoxicated patrons, thereby reducing alcohol-related problems such as traffic crashes, assaults, and drownings. Owners and managers need to understand the laws around alcohol sales, how to identify and implement internal policies to reduce illegal alcohol sales, and how to communicate these policies and expectations to their staff. Under a previously funded two-year project, this research team developed and evaluated Alcohol Risk Management: Project ARM, a one-on-one training program for owners and managers of on-sale alcohol outlets. This follow-up project will have two objectives. First, we will develop and evaluate an off-sale version of Project ARM. The new version of Project ARM will be implemented in five off-sale alcohol establishments. To assess its effectiveness, we will compare the intervention outlets' pre- and post-propensity to make illegal sales to that of 10 control outlets. One prerequisite for risk-reduction strategies is identification of an establishment's level of liability risk for sales to underage or intoxicated individuals. Therefore, the second objective of the project is field testing the reliability and validity of the risk assessment instrument originally developed in the first phase of Project ARM.

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