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Have Improved Compliance Rates Contributed to the Reduction in Teen Tobacco Use?

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Background: Between 1997 and 2003, merchant compliance with underage sales laws improved dramatically in 49 states. According to the Monitoring the Future survey, over the same period the prevalence of smoking among 8th graders fell by an average of 47% nationwide, the largest drop ever recorded. Specific Aims: The proposed project will utilize the Monitoring the Future data to investigate whether improving compliance rates have contributed to the reduction in adolescent tobacco use. Methods: Using adolescent tobacco use data from the Monitoring the Future Study, we will conduct a series of regression analyses to determine the impact of state compliance rates on the probability of current smoking while controlling for exposure to the ?truth? antismoking campaign, price, clean indoor air regulations and parental education. We will determine if trends in compliance over multiple years predict smoking status better than annual compliance rates considered separately.

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