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The Effectiveness of Cigarette Taxation in Deterring Smoking During Subsequent Pregnancies, Jason Abrevaya, Ph.D.
Reimbursement Policy for Online Substance Abuse Treatment, Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D.
Juvenile Substance Abuse and Public Educational Alternative: Does School Government Matter?, Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Ph.D.
Public Hospital Systems and Managed Care for Drug Involved Mothers and their Children, Dennis Andrulis, Ph.D., MPH
Differential Outcome and Cost-benefit Parameters of a Statewide Drug Abuse Treatment System, M. Douglas Anglin, Ph.D.
Study of Barriers to Referring the At-Risk, Street Outreach Population to Substance Abuse Treatment, Philip Appel, Ph.D.
Health Promotion in Pediatric Practice, Adolfo Ariza, M.D.
DWI Offenses in Maryland from 1995-2001: Policy Implications for Treatment and Prevention, Amelia Arria, Ph.D.
Identifying Best Practices among Managed Care Plans that Provide Substance Abuse Treatment Services to Medicaid Recipients with Disabilities, Sara Bachman, Ph.D.
Cost Effectiveness of Prenatal/postnatal Treatment/interventions for Drug Abusing Pregnant Women, Jean Bailey, Ph.D.
Identifying Facilitators and Impediments to Adopting U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines for Smoking Cessation Treatment Among Labor-Management Health and Welfare Funds, Elizabeth Barbeau, Sc.D., M.P.H.
Substance Abuse Needs and Services for Families Involved in the Child Welfare System, Richard Barth, Ph.D.
Simple Economics of the Social Costs and Benefits of the War on Drugs, Gary Becker, Ph.D.
Structural Factors and Adolescent Substance Use, Ariane Lisann Bedimo-Rung, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Smoking Policies in Elderly Facilities: Assessment of Current Policies & Development of Model Policies, James Bergman, J.D.
The Effects of Cigarette Taxes on the Smoking Behaviors and Health of Older Americans, James Bergman, J.D.
Race/Ethnicity Disparities in the Availability of Support and Ancillary Services in Opioid Treatment Programs, Nancy Berkman, Ph.D.
Consequences of "Adults-only" Exceptions to Tobacco Marketing Regulations, Lois Biener, Ph.D.
Tracking Change in Response to the MA Tobacco Control Program, Lois Biener, Ph.D.
Healthy Families, Healthy Children: The Pediatrician's Role, Helen Binns, M.D., M.P.H.
Increasing Access to Substance Abuse Treatment: Resolving the “Not in My Back Yard” Phenomenon Regarding Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Susan Boyd, M.D.
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Mothers Convicted of a Drug Offense, Carol Boyd, M.S.N., Ph.D., R.N.
Reunification Services for African American Homeless Mothers with Histories of Substance Abuse, Kimberly Bradley, Psy.D.
The Influence of Market Characteristics on Point-of-Purchase Promotions and Sales of Beer: Evidence from Grocery Store Scanner Data, Jeremy Bray, Ph.D.
Supplement to: Structure, Policies, and Practices of ABC Agencies and Alcohol Related Mortality, Bridget Brooks, M.S.P.H.
Profile of Anti-Drug Law Enforcement in Urban Poverty Settings in MA, William Brownsberger, J.D.
Smoking and Drug/Alcohol Use Policies in Substance Abuse Treatment, Andrea Burling, Ph.D.
Harm Reduction in the Health Care System: Attitudinal and Legal Factors Influencing Greater Physician Involvement in Providing Care to and Preventing Injection-Related Disease among Injection Drug Users, Scott Burris, J.D.
A Legal Analysis of Prescribing and Dispensing Sterile Injection Equipment to Patients Who Use Illegal Drugs, Scott Burris, J.D.
Understanding Multiple Substance Use by Youths: Evidence from Underage Drunk Driving Laws, Christopher Carpenter, Ph.D.
Describing and Predicting Drug Epidemics, Jonathan Caulkins, Ph.D.
Comparing the Cost-Efficacy of Prevention and other Drug Control Programs, Jonathan Caulkins, Ph.D.
Estimating the Effects of Drug Prevention on the Use of Cocaine, Marijuana, Cigarettes and Alcohol, Jonathan Caulkins, Ph.D.
Supplement to: Consequences of the 1998 Drive-Up Liquor Window Closure in New Mexico, Janet C'de Baca, Ph.D.
Response to Policy for Addictive Substances: Opium in the Netherlands Indies and Cigarettes in the U.S., Siddharth Chandra, Ph.D.
Adolescent Substance Use and Suicidal Behaviors: The Role of State-Level Alcohol and Illicit Drug Policy, Pinka Chatterji, Ph.D.
The Role of Peer Effects in Problem Drinking and Tobacco Use Across American College Campuses, Christina Ciecierski, Ph.D.
Improving Treatment for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Co-Occurring Disorders, Robin Clark, Ph.D.
Public Financing and Treatment for Dual Disorders: A Case Study, Robin Clark, Ph.D.
Alcohol-Beverage Control Enforcement Practices and Alcohol Related Mortality: Secondary Analysis, Deborah Cohen, M.D., M.P.H.
Structure, Policies, and Practices of ABC Agencies and Alcohol-Related Mortality, Deborah Cohen, M.D., M.P.H.
Cultural Frames of Tobacco and Prevention among Bicultural Mexican American Youth, Maria Leonora Comello, M.S.
Drug Crackdowns and Illicit Drug Injectors' Health, Hannah Cooper, Sc.D.
Economic and Political Consequences of New York City's Smoke-Free Restaurant Law, K. Michael Cummings, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Informing Consumers about the Relative Health Risks of Different Nicotine Delivery Products, K. Michael Cummings, Ph.D., M.P.H.
The Effects of Workplace Policies, Climate, and Stressors on Drug and Alcohol Attitudes and Behaviors, Barbara Curbow, Ph.D.
Substance Abuse and Welfare Reform, Sheldon Danziger, Ph.D.
Substance Abuse among Current and Former Welfare Recipients, Sheldon Danziger, Ph.D.
Analyzing Cigar Regulation and other Legal Interventions to Reduce Cigar Use, Patricia Davidson, J.D.
Increasing Substance Abuse Screening and Referral Rates in an Independent Practice Association Managed Health Care Organization, Neal Dawson, M.D.
Analyzing Tobacco Control Law and Policy of the Internet Marketplace, Richard Daynard, J.D., Ph.D.
Research and Analysis of the Department of Justice's RICO Lawsuit Against the Tobacco Industry, Richard Daynard, J.D., Ph.D.
Prohibiting Minors from Possessing Tobacco: Comparison of Strategies from Eight Municipalities with Policy Recommendations Based on Empirical Observation, Richard Daynard, J.D., Ph.D.
Effective Responses to the Tobacco Industry's Legal Challenges to Local Tobacco Control Efforts: An Empirical Study, Richard Daynard, J.D., Ph.D.
Interdependence in Cigarette and Alcohol Policies and Consumption, Sandra Decker, Ph.D.
Mandatory Substance Abuse Screening in Injured Patients: Implications for Policy Development and Implementation, Linda Degutis, Dr. P.H.
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Passage and Failure of Passage of DWI Legislation and Regulation in the US and Canada, Linda Degutis, Dr. P.H.
Tobacco Use among the Mentally Ill: an Important Tobacco Control Issue, Cristine Delnevo, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Have Improved Compliance Rates Contributed to the Reduction in Teen Tobacco Use?, Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
The Synar Amendment: Past, Present and Future, Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
The Case for Mandating Generic Packaging of Tobacco Products: Supportive Evidence and Legal Foundations, Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
Strategies Employed by Youths to Obtain Tobacco and Instruments for Measuring Tobacco Availability, Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
An Evaluation of Federal and State Implementation of the Synar Regulation, Joseph DiFranza, M.D.
An Assessment of Crash Culpability Relative to the Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Injured Drivers, Patricia Dischinger, Ph.D.
Mortality Follow-Up of Trauma Patients, Patricia Dischinger, Ph.D.
Alcohol Abuse & Welfare Policy, David Dooley, Ph.D.
Alcohol Drinking Onset as a Prevention Target, David Dooley, Ph.D.
State Policies and Adoption of Buprenorphine, Lori Ducharme, Ph.D.
Understanding the Impacts of Funding Volatility on Treatment Services, Patricia Ebener,
The Impact of Treatment on Demand on Injection Drug Users in the SF Bay Area, Brian Edlin, M.D.
Implementation of ASFA by Dependency Courts Addressing Parental Substance Abuse, Sharon Elstein, M.S.
Research on the Impact of Higher Cigarette Taxes on Maternal Smoking, William Evans, Ph.D.
The Health and Economic Impact of Workplace Smoking Bans, William Evans, Ph.D.
Drug Control in Public Housing: The Impact of the Drug Elimination Program in the New York City Public Housing Authority, Jeffrey Fagan, Ph.D.
The Effects of Criminal Justice Policy on the Rise and Fall of Drug Related Homicides, Jeffrey Fagan, Ph.D.
Cigarette Smoking Policies in Correctional Institutes: A Study of Bans and Restrictions on Smoking, Gregory Falkin, Ph.D.
Improving Identification and Treatment of Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in Therapeutic Justice Courts, Mark Farrell, J.D.
The Impact of the Master Settlement Agreement and State Tobacco Control Policies on Cigarette Prices, Sales, and Promotions, Matthew Farrelly, Ph.D.
Differences in Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Bar and Restaurant Employees: A Preliminary Assessment of the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005, Matthew Farrelly, Ph.D.
The Defunding of the Florida Tobacco Control Program: Implications for Youth Smoking and Capacity, Matthew Farrelly, Ph.D.
Tobacco Control and the Liberal State: The Legal, Ethical, and Policy Debate, Eric Feldman, J.D., Ph.D.
Effect of 14 Underage Drinking Laws on Youthful Traffic Deaths, James Fell, M.S.
A Qualitative Study on Inmates’ Views on Methadone Treatment, Vivian Fernandez, Ph.D.
Medicaid and Public Funding for Buprenorphine Treatment of Opioid Dependence, David Fiellin, M.D.
Evaluating the Intended and Unintended Consequences of the National Tobacco Quitline Network on State Quitlines and Tobacco Control Programs, Michael Fiore, MD, MPH
Environmental Influences on Adolescent Drinking: Community Support for Policy Solutions, Stephen Fortmann, M.D., M.P.H.
The Secondary Effects of the Madison Smokefree Ordinance, Brion Fox, J.D.
Evaluating the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (or MADD) Court Monitor Program: Informing Advocacy through Science, Shannon Frattaroli, Ph.D., M.P.H.
The Impact of Workplace Drug Testing Programs on Employee Drug Use, Michael French, Ph.D.
Evaluation of Pharmacy-Based Drug Treatment Linkages through the New York State Expanded Syringe Access Demonstration Program (ESAP), Crystal Fuller, Ph.D.
Determinants of Participation in an Expanded Syringe Access Demonstration Program: A Multilevel Analysis of Injection Drug Users, Pharmacies, and Community-level Factors, Crystal Fuller, Ph.D.
Effects of Reductions in Oregon Health Plan Coverage of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services on Its Most Vulnerable Citizens, Roy Gabriel, Ph.D.
New Directions in Local Control of Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising, Donald Garner, J.D.
Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising Control Policies: Research and Amicus Curiae Briefs, Donald Garner, J.D.
Supplement to: The Effects of Workplace Policies, Climate, and Stressors on Drug and Alcohol Attitudes and Behaviors, Gilbert Gee, Ph.D.
Analysis of State Policies Regarding Treatment of Prenatally Drug Exposed Newborns and their Mothers, Neil Gilbert, PhD.
Impact of Terminating DA&A SSI/SSDI Benefits, Paul Goldstein, Ph.D.
An Evaluation of the Gateway Model as a Basis for Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy - Part II, Andrew Golub, Ph.D.
An Evaluation of the Gateway Model as a Basis for Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Use Policy, Andrew Golub, Ph.D.
Effects of Medical Marijuana Laws on Drug Use Among Arrestees and Hospital Emergency Room Admissions, Dennis Gorman, Ph.D.
Factors Influencing Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities in Texas & an Evaluation of the State's 0.08 BAC Law, Dennis Gorman, Ph.D.
The Use of Geographic Information Systems in Assessing Substance Abuse Prevention Resource Allocation in the State of New Jersey, Dennis Gorman, Ph.D.
Developing Effective Policies for Substance Abusing Parents Involved with Child Welfare: Systems Coordination and Conflict Under the Adoption and Safe Families Act, Beth Green, Ph.D.
A Study of the Alcohol Policy Development Process in the United States, Thomas Greenfield, Ph.D.
Linking Substance Abuse Treatment and Child Welfare Outcomes: Secondary Analyses of Data from Two Service Delivery Systems, Christine Grella, Ph.D.
Supplement to Implementation and Impact of California's Proposition 36: Implications for the Future, Nell Griffith Forge, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Perinatal Substance Use Treatment and Related Services in a Managed Care Environment, Mary Haack, Ph.D.
Smoke-Free Laws and Employee Turnover, Ellen Hahn, D.N.S., R.N.
Impact of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 on School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Programs, Denise Hallfors, Ph.D.
Assessment of the Impact of the New Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, Denise Hallfors, Ph.D.
Supplement to: Substance Abuse and Welfare Reform, Julia Hastings, M.S.W., Ph.D.
Factors that Facilitate the Adoption of Municipal Ordinances for Substance Abuse Prevention, Carol Hays, Ph.D.
Barriers to the Adoption of Harm-Reducing Gender-Specific Substance Abuse and Parenting Programs for Incarcerated Women, Leslie Hays, M.A., M.F.C.C.
The Adoption of Pharmaceutical Technologies in Addiction Treatment, Carolyn Heinrich, Ph.D.
Alcohol Policy Movements in African American Communities, Denise Herd, Ph.D.
Drug Use among U.S. Workers, Work Place Safety, and Drug Testing Policies, John Hoffmann, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Developing a Foundation for Outcome Based Purchasing of Addictions Treatment, Norman Hoffmann, Ph.D.
Impact of Food Stamps on Marijuana, Tobacco, and Alcohol Use, William Hoyt, Ph.D.
Cost Analysis and Operations Assessment of Community-based Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program, Yih-Ing Hser, Ph.D.
Drug Treatment and Mental Health Services: Access and Outcomes, Yih-Ing Hser, Ph.D.
Reducing or Expanding Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs: Evaluating Impact from the Health Care Decision-Maker's Perspective, Keith Humphreys, Ph.D.
Supplement to: Enforcement of Tobacco Age-of-Sale Laws II, Kim Hutchinson, C.A.R.N., R.N.E., Ed.D.
Environmental and Policy Determinants: Harm Reduction, Youth Smoking, and Simulation Models using Data from the Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation, Andrew Hyland, Ph.D.
The Impact of Over-the-Counter Nicotine Replacement Therapy on Smoking Cessation, Andrew Hyland, Ph.D.
Low/Untaxed Cigarettes: Who Uses Them? Does It Decrease Cessation? How Much Does It Cost Taxpayers?, Andrew Hyland, Ph.D.
The Effects of Policies, Guidelines, and other Factors on Training of Pediatric Residents in Tobacco Intervention, Norman Hymowitz, Ph.D.
Implementation and Impact of California's Proposition 36: Implications for the Future, Martin Iguchi, Ph.D.
The Effects of Enforcement and Possession Laws on Youth Prevalence, Leonard Jason, Ph.D.
Evaluation of Effects of the Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Initiative, Rhonda Jones-Webb, Ph.D.
The Social Impact of Withdrawal of SSI Benefits for Drug and Alcohol Addiction, James Kahn, M.D., M.P.H.
Supplement to: Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse as an Eligibility Category for SSI, Shanthi Kappagoda, M.S.
Helping Those Who Help Themselves: Policies to Enhance Individual-Directed Smoking Cessation and Deterrence, Theodore Keeler, Ph.D.
Effective Strategies in Tobacco Counteradvertising Aimed at Bicultural Mexican American Youth, Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.
The Effects of Flavored and Natural Cigarette Claims on Adolescents’ Perceptions and Behavioral Intentions, Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.
Policy Impact of Restricting Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising, Kathleen Kelly, Ph.D.
The Effects of Cigarette Price and Tax Increases, Donald Kenkel, Ph.D.
The Impact of Smoking-Related Advertisements on Smoking Cessation: An Econometric Analysis, Donald Kenkel, Ph.D.
Understanding Sociodemographic and Policy Factors that Influence Adult Smokers to Purchase Cigarettes from Internet Cigarette Vendors, Annice Kim, Ph.D.
Opinions of African Americans and African American Legislators Toward Tobacco Control Policies, Gary King, Ph.D.
The Evaluation of a New Alcohol Policy for Massachusetts State Colleges, John Knight, M.D.
Service Delivery and Use of Evidence-Based Treatment Practice in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Settings, Hannah Knudsen, Ph.D.
Medicinal Nicotine for Harm Reduction? Developing Effects and Assessing Policy, Lynn Kozlowski, Ph.D.
Evaluation of an Attorney General Consumer Protection Action as a Strategy to Prevent Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors, Brad Krevor, Ph.D.
Staff Quality in Methadone Treatment Programs, Tzy-Mey Kuo, Ph.D.
Effects of a New Policy Allowing Methadone Maintenance Treatment in a Large New Mexico Jail on Inmate Infractions, Medical Visits, and Recidivism, Sandra Lapham, M.D., M.P.H.
Consequences of the 1998 Drive-Up Liquor Window Closure in New Mexico, Sandra Lapham, M.D., M.P.H.
Housing First: Evaluation of Harm Reduction Housing for Chronic Public Inebriates, Mary Larimer, Ph.D.
Estimating the Effects of Political Contributions on State Alcohol and Tobacco Policies, Myoung Lee, Ph.D.
After ASFA: Outcome of the Rhode Island Family Treatment Drug Court, Barry Lester, Ph.D.
Database of Research on Prenatal Drug Exposure and Child Outcomes, Barry Lester, Ph.D.
Incorporating the Effects of Quantity Smoked Into a Dynamic Computer Simulation Model, David Levy, Ph.D.
Risks Versus Benefits of Drug Testing Policies for Adolescents, Sharon Levy, M.D.
A National Survey of Physicians' Adolescent Drug Testing Practices, Sharon Levy, M.D.
The Prevalence and Effectiveness of Tobacco Brief Interventions, David Levy, Ph.D.
The Metropolitan Chicago Drug Strategy Project, James Lewis, Ph.D.
Cigarette Tax Avoidance Behavior and Cessation Analyses in Disparate Populations, Qiang Li, M.S.
Excessive Drinking and Drinking and Driving among College Students, Lan Liang, Ph.D.
Do Adolescents with Emotional or Behavioral Problems Respond to Tobacco Control Policies?, Lan Liang, Ph.D.
Health Care Utilization of Carpenters with Substance Abuse Diagnoses and their Dependents, Hester Lipscomb, Ph.D.
The Sensitivity of Drug Abuse Treatment Demand to Copayment Levels, Anthony Lo Sasso, Ph.D.
Smoking and the Workplace: An Analysis of Relapse, Daniel Longo, Sc.D.
The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Heart Disease Mortality, Brett Loomis, M.S.
Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Correctional Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Craig Love, Ph.D.
Evaluation of Medicaid Smoking-related Nursing Home Costs in Florida, Tim Lynch, Ph.D.
Policy Factors that Support the Effective Provision of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Laurence Lynn, Ph.D.
High-tech Solutions to Drinking and Driving: Evaluation of a Statewide, Voluntary Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program, William Marine, M.D., M.P.H.
Adolescent Smoking Initiation and Body Weight, Sara Markowitz, Ph.D.
Regaining Control of Suspended Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Offenders by Allowing Alcohol Interlock Restricted Driving Privileges: Evaluation Opportunity in New Mexico, Paul Marques, Ph.D.
An Ethical and Legal Analysis of State-compelled Loss of Liberty as an Intervention to Reduce the Harm of Perinatal Substance Abuse and Addiction, Mary Faith Marshall, Ph.D.
Costs and Benefits of Prison-Based Treatment Plus Aftercare Drug-Abusing Offenders, Kathryn McCollister, Ph.D.
American Indian Alcohol Policies, Bentson McFarland, M.D., Ph.D.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Publicly Funded Treatment Systems, Bentson McFarland, M.D., Ph.D.
The Impact of Managed Care on Substance Abuse Treatment: A Study of Purchasers and Recipients of Services, A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D.
Did Reinstating Sunday Liquor Sales Impact Alcohol-Related Traffic Crashes in New Mexico?, Garnett McMillan, Ph.D., M.S.
The Impact of Smoking Control Policies on Future Smoking Prevalence and Health Status: A System Dynamics Analysis, David Mendez, Ph.D.
Office-Based Buprenorphine in Washington State, Joseph Merrill, M.D., M.P.H.
Methadone Maintenance in Primary Care, Joseph Merrill, M.D., M.P.H.
Moving Substance Users from Welfare to Work in the State of Florida: The Impact of Welfare Reform and Drug Treatment, Lisa Metsch, Ph.D.
Refining of a Model to Assess Smoking-related Medical Care Expenditures, Vince Miller, Ph.D.
The Effect of State Campaign Finance Regulations on Tax Policy Toward Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages, Jeffrey Milyo, Ph.D.
Impact of Managed Care Contracting Arrangements on Access to Substance Abuse Services, Janet Mitchell, Ph.D.
Substance Abuse Treatment for Pregnant Women Under Managed Care, Janet Mitchell, Ph.D.
The Role of the Police in Helping to Reduce Substance Abuse, Roger Mitchell, Ph.D.
Virtual Ads Reaching Real Children: The Selling of Alcohol and Tobacco in Cyberspace, Kathryn Montgomery, Ph.D.
Analysis of the Efficacy of Screening, Blocking and Ratings Technologies for Preventing Youth Access to Alcohol- and Tobacco-related Web Sites, Kathryn Montgomery, Ph.D.
State Alcohol Policy and Motor Vehicle Fatalities Among Young Adults, Michael Morrisey, Ph.D.
Public Citizen: Tobacco Control Project, Alan Morrison, L.L.B.
Alcohol Use In Pregnancy: State Responses to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, James Mosher, J.D.
Implications of Tobacco Litigation for Alcohol Control, James Mosher, J.D.
Assessing State Readiness to Act on Alcohol Tax Research Findings, James Mosher, J.D.
Supplement to: Analyzing Tobacco Control Law and Policy of the Internet Marketplace, Lisa Mui, J.D.
Network Analysis of Tobacco Issues Management Strategies Before and After the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, Priscilla Murphy, Ph.D.
A Study of Online Counseling and Internet Use Among Family Drug Court Participants, Susanna Nemes, Ph.D.
Drug Treatment and Mental Health Services: Ethnic Differences in Access and Outcomes, Noosha Niv, Ph.D.
A Novel Method for Understanding and Countering Claims of Reduced Risk Cigarettes, James Nonnemaker, Ph.D.
Are there Unintended Consequences of Alcohol and Tobacco Policies on College Campuses?, Rosalie Pacula, Ph.D.
Exploring the Relationship between Marijuana Policy and Prices, Rosalie Pacula, Ph.D.
Within-and Cross-National Analyses of the Effects of Cannabis Depenalization, Rosalie Pacula, Ph.D.
Reforming Alcohol Taxes: A Consideration of Health and Fiscal Issues, Ian Parry, Ph.D.
Comprehensive Tobacco Control Policies and Smoking Behavior, Linda Pederson, Ph.D.
RAND Cross-Site Evaluation of a National Demonstration Project for State Systems Improvement for Care of Individuals with Co-Occurring Substance Related and Mental Disorders, Harold Pincus, M.D.
A Policy Analysis of Changes in Federal Methadone Treatment Regulation, Deborah Podus, Ph.D.
Closing the Loop on Welfare Reform: Effects of Federal, State and Local Welfare Reform Strategies on Substance Using Recipients in Los Angeles County, Deborah Podus, Ph.D.
Substance Abuse Policies and Infant Health, Harold Pollack, Ph.D.
Integrated versus Referred Out Methadone Treatment: Quality and Costs, Daniel Polsky, Ph.D.
Fear of Weight Gain as a Barrier to Smoking Cessation in Women, Cynthia Pomerleau, Ph.D.
Smoke-free Restaurant Ordinances in MA: A Study of their Adoption and Economic Impact, Gregory Pope, M.A.
Peer Effects, Tobacco Control Policies and Youth Smoking Behavior, Lisa Powell, Ph.D.
Drug Treatment Effectiveness: A Conceptual and Policy Analysis, Michael Prendergast, Ph.D.
Cash Assistance and the Monthly Cycle in Drug Abuse: Is There a Causal Relationship?, Steven Puller, Ph.D
Evaluation of National Drug and Alcohol Testing in Safety-Sensitive Employees in the Mass Transit Industry, David Ragland, Ph.D., MPH
Evaluation of National Drug and Alcohol Testing in Safety Sensitive Employees in the Mass Transit Industry, David Ragland, Ph.D., MPH
Determinants of Public Support for Drug Treatment: 1972-1996, Kenneth Rasinski, Ph.D.
Development and Testing of a Survey Questionnaire to Assess Public Support for Drug Policy, Kenneth Rasinski, Ph.D.
The Implementation of LAAM: Factors Affecting the Use of a New Opiate Addiction Treatment Alternative, Richard Rawson, Ph.D.
Naltrexone for Alcoholism: Factors Influencing the Use of a New Pharmacotherapy, Richard Rawson, Ph.D.
Federal and State Level Policies and Women: Impact on Services for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Beth Reed, Ph.D.
Examining the Sales Practices of Internet Cigarette Vendors: Implications for Policy Development, Implementation, and Enforcement, Kurt Ribisl, Ph.D.
A National Survey of Smoking Cessation Practices in Methadone and Other Opioid Treatment Facilities, Kimber Richter, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Monitoring Implementation of Oregon Senate Bill 267: Evidence-Based Practices for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Traci Rieckmann, Ph.D.
Drug Prosecutions and Drug Policy Reform: The Hidden Connections, K. Jack Riley, Ph.D.
A Daily Reminder: Does Keeping a Daily News Journal of DWI-Related Activities Reduce Drinking and Driving Recidivism?, Jeraine Root, Ph.D.
New Evidence on Smoking Behavior: Comparing Response to Experimental and Real Price Increases, Hana Ross, Ph.D.
Evaluation of an Attorney General Consumer Protection Action as a Strategy to Prevent Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors: Impact of Cultural Competence and Tailoring, Mathilda Ruwe, M.D., M.P.H.
Impacts of Drug Enforcement Policies on Health, Drug Abuse, and Youth Violent Crimes, William Sabol, Ph.D.
The Effect of Tobacco Control Policy on Tobacco Use in Alcohol and Drug Dependent Populations, Henry Saffer, Ph.D.
Illicit Drug Control: Criminal Justice vs. Public Health, Henry Saffer, Ph.D.
Supplement to: The Rise and Fall of Drug-related Homicides in New York City, 1985-1995, Faith Samples-Smart, Ph.D.
Welfare Reform, Child Welfare, and Families with Substance Abuse Problems, Bernadette Sangalang, Ph.D.
Translating Alcohol Intervention Research into Clinical Trauma Centers, Carol Schermer, M.D., M.P.H.
Implementing Welfare Reform: Changing Strategies for Managing Substance Abuse at the Local Level, Laura Schmidt, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S.W.
Implementing Welfare Reform: Changing Strategies for Managing Substance Abuse at the Local Level, Laura Schmidt, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S.W.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Law: Policy Choices and Implementation, Eric Schnapper, J.D.
The Louisiana Alcohol Policy Needs Assessment Database, Richard Scribner, M.D., M.P.H.
The Most Innocent Victims: Alcohol Use, Alcohol Policies, and Child Fatal Injury Rates, Bisakha Sen, Ph.D.
The Influence of Tobacco Marketing and Counter-advertising on Smoking Initiation among Youth, Michael Siegel, M.D., M.P.H.
Health Insurance and the Demand for Advertised Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapies, Kosali Simon, Ph.D.
Economic Analysis of Tort Litigation, Frank Sloan, Ph.D.
Risk Perceptions, Information and Smoking, Frank Sloan, Ph.D.
Why Don’t Mature Smokers Quit?, Frank Sloan, Ph.D.
Public Sector Unions and Smoke-free Policies at the Worksite: A Case Study, Glorian Sorensen, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Effects of the Elimination of SSI Drug Addiction and Alcoholism: Phase I, Richard Speiglman, D.Crim.
Welfare Reform and Substance Abuse Policy Changes: Reducing the Harm to Parents, Heroin Addicts, and Disabled Persons, Richard Speiglman, D.Crim.
Effects of the Elimination of SSI Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Eligibility: Phase 2, Richard Speiglman, D.Crim.
Substance Abuse and Indian Child Welfare, Paul Spicer, Ph.D.
Sentencing Options and Recidivism Rates Among Drug Offenders in Jackson County, Missouri, Cassia Spohn, Ph.D.
Exemptions to Clean Indoor Air Laws and Preemption: Impact on the Prevalence of a Tobacco-Specific Carcinogen Among Non-Smoking Bar and Restaurant Workers in Oregon and Washington, Michael Stark, Ph.D.
Alcohol Consumption and Neighborhood Outlets, Roland Sturm, Ph.D.
"Parity" for Substance Abuse Benefits under Managed Care, Roland Sturm, Ph.D.
A Study of Arrestees with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders, James Swartz, Ph.D.
The Role of the Built Environment in Risk and Protection for Drug Abuse: Policy Implications, Jose Szapocznik, Ph.D.
Public Policy and the Demand for Smokeless Tobacco, John Tauras, Ph.D.
Price, Tobacco Control Policies, and Smoking Initiation and Cessation, John Tauras, Ph.D.
Smoking Transitions: The Impact of Government Intervention, John Tauras, Ph.D.
Assessing the Impact of Substance Abuse on Employment Status, Joseph Terza, Ph.D.
A New Method for Measuring the Public Health Impact of Increased Access to Potential Reduced Exposure Products, Joseph Terza, Ph.D.
A New Method for Measuring the Public Health Impact of Increased Access to Potential Reduced Exposure Products, Joseph Terza, Ph.D.
Research on the Heroin Market, Ronald Thisted, Ph.D.
Improving Treatment for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Co-occurring Disorders, Vince S. Thomas, Ph.D.
Pharmacists' Knowledge and the Drug Addiction Treatment Act, Tony Tommasello, Ph.D.
Propensity for Obtaining Alcohol through Shoulder Tapping, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Assessment of Illegal Alcohol Sales, Patron Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels, Alcohol Control Policies, and Enforcement at Sport Stadiums, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Prevention of Illegal Alcohol Sales at Community Events, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Alcohol Sales at Community Events, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Treatment of Opioid Dependence in New York State Primary Care Clinics, Barbara Turner, M.D., M.S.Ed., M.A.
Impact of Deregulation of Syringes in New York State on the Number of Syringes Discarded on the Street & the Willingness of Pharmacists to Sell Syringes to Injection Drug Users, David Vlahov, Ph.D.
Initial Effects of Border Binge Drinking Interdiction, Robert Voas, Ph.D.
Project ARM: Alcohol Risk Management II, Alexander Wagenaar, Ph.D.
Effects of Statutory Changes in Driving under the Influence (DUI) Penalties: An Evaluation on Policy Changes from 1976 to 2000 across the 50 States, Alexander Wagenaar, Ph.D.
Alcohol Risk Management: Project ARM, Alexander Wagenaar, Ph.D.
Feasibility of Per Se Drugged Driving Legislation, J. Michael Walsh, Ph.D.
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