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Treatment within the Criminal Justice System Grants

Grants listed by date, with most recent appearing first. Click a grant title for detailed information, including a summary and publications.

Monitoring Implementation of Oregon Senate Bill 267: Evidence-Based Practices for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Traci Rieckmann, Ph.D.
DWI Offenses in Maryland from 1995-2001: Policy Implications for Treatment and Prevention, Amelia Arria, Ph.D.
A Qualitative Study on InmatesÂ’ Views on Methadone Treatment, Vivian Fernandez, Ph.D.
A Study of Arrestees with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders, James Swartz, Ph.D.
Effects of a New Policy Allowing Methadone Maintenance Treatment in a Large New Mexico Jail on Inmate Infractions, Medical Visits, and Recidivism, Sandra Lapham, M.D., M.P.H.
Supplement to Implementation and Impact of California's Proposition 36: Implications for the Future, Nell Griffith Forge, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Implementation and Impact of California's Proposition 36: Implications for the Future, Martin Iguchi, Ph.D.
Costs and Benefits of Prison-Based Treatment Plus Aftercare Drug-Abusing Offenders, Kathryn McCollister, Ph.D.
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Mothers Convicted of a Drug Offense, Carol Boyd, M.S.N., Ph.D., R.N.
Sentencing Options and Recidivism Rates Among Drug Offenders in Jackson County, Missouri, Cassia Spohn, Ph.D.
Barriers to the Adoption of Harm-Reducing Gender-Specific Substance Abuse and Parenting Programs for Incarcerated Women, Leslie Hays, M.A., M.F.C.C.
Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Correctional Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Craig Love, Ph.D.
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