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Other Alcohol Policy Areas Grants

Grants listed by date, with most recent appearing first. Click a grant title for detailed information, including a summary and publications.

The Most Innocent Victims: Alcohol Use, Alcohol Policies, and Child Fatal Injury Rates, Bisakha Sen, Ph.D.
Understanding Multiple Substance Use by Youths: Evidence from Underage Drunk Driving Laws, Christopher Carpenter, Ph.D.
Effect of 14 Underage Drinking Laws on Youthful Traffic Deaths, James Fell, M.S.
Assessment of Illegal Alcohol Sales, Patron Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels, Alcohol Control Policies, and Enforcement at Sport Stadiums, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Alcohol Sales at Community Events, Traci Toomey, Ph.D.
Alcohol Policy Movements in African American Communities, Denise Herd, Ph.D.
The Evaluation of a New Alcohol Policy for Massachusetts State Colleges, John Knight, M.D.
Project ARM: Alcohol Risk Management II, Alexander Wagenaar, Ph.D.
Alcohol Abuse & Welfare Policy, David Dooley, Ph.D.
A Study of the Alcohol Policy Development Process in the United States, Thomas Greenfield, Ph.D.
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