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Key Researchers: Substance Abuse & Welfare Reform

Richard Speiglman, D.Crim.
Speiglman Norris Associates

Richard Speiglman, D.Crim. studied sociology before completing doctoral work in criminology at UC Berkeley and a post-doc with the Alcohol Research Group at the School of Public Health, UC Berkeley. Currently he is managing partner of Speiglman Norris Associates, a firm engaged in social and behavioral research and evaluation. Speiglman’s recent projects in the area of substance abuse include an eight-county study of the implementation of California’s Proposition 36 (drug treatment in lieu of jail or prison) as well as a four-county, longitudinal, panel study of the effects of the federal elimination of SSI benefits for alcoholics and addicts. Concerning housing and homelessness, he designed and directed a county shelter and services survey and conducted evaluations of two HUD-funded “shallow rent subsidy” programs for people living with HIV/AIDS. In the area of welfare reform he led longitudinal panel studies of TANF recipients in two counties, surveyed the 58 California counties regarding cash assistance and child welfare linkages programs and practices, and currently is initiating a study of the status of families in child-only TANF cases.
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