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Clearinghouses for Drug and Crime Information

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS), serving the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Distributes hundreds of documents on a variety of issues.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI), serving the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)
(800) 729-6686

NIDA Research Monograph Series
An excellent resource for information ranging from hallucinogens to the behavioral aspects of smoking to drug treatment. If NCADI runs out of copies or you would like past copies, contact the Government Printing Office at (202) 512-1800.

Subscription Office of NIDA Notes:
NIDA's bi-monthly newsletter with articles on research and NIDA grants.
(301) 294-5401

NIDA Press Office:
Compiles NIDA Capsules -- press releases on various topics such as inhalant abuse, methamphetamine abuse, needle exchange, etc.
(301) 443-6245

National Survey Results on Drug Use for the Monitoring the Future Study
Contains data about teenage licit and illicit drug use, and the opinions of teenagers toward drugs.

National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health
Contains data about peoples' reported licit and illicit drug use. This annual survey is compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). National Drug Abuse Treatment Users Survey (NDATUS) Reports information about U.S. treatment services. NIDA Statistical Series, Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Lists the data about drug-related hospital visits and deaths. NCADI News Monitor contains articles from newspapers and journals about illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Clearinghouse, serving the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
(800) 732-3277

BJS Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
An indispensable resource which contains charts and data on crime, drug use, public opinion, etc. Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System and the Technical Appendix of Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System. Contains brief summaries of major drug issues which provide an excellent overview complete with statistics, charts, and references for obtaining further information. Several newsletter-type publications which outline research and recent statistics: BJS Bulletin, Crime Data Brief, Drugs and Crime Data, National Update, Selected Findings, Special Report, and Technical Report.

Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse, serving the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
(800) 666-3332

Pulse Checks
A quarterly summary of drug use and availability. Occasional ONDCP reports, such as the 1994 Marijuana Situational Assessment.

Drugs and Crime Facts
Contains numerous statistics and charts about drug-related crime, drug offenders in correctional facilities, gangs, etc. This booklet is produced annually by BJS.

National Narcotics Intelligence Consumers Committee (NNICC) Report: Supply of Illicit Drugs in the United States
Assesses developments in international drug trafficking, drug transit routes, money laundering, production and seizure of drugs, and drug policy developments in source countries in Latin America and Asia.

Centers for Disease Control AIDS Information, serving the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Distributes a wide variety of statistics and information on HIV and AIDS.
(800) 458-5231

United States Government Printing Office (GPO)
(202) 512-1800

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR)
Reports on drug control efforts in dozens of countries. This extensive document compiled by the State Department contains statistics on drug production, eradication, trafficking, money laundering, etc.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports
Contains crime data similar to those in the Criminal Justice Sourcebook. It is compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
Ask for a catalog of publications available from the GPO.

General Accounting Office Document Ordering Service, serving the General Accounting Office (GAO)
Distributes reports about such topics as U.S. interdiction efforts, drug use measurements, money laundering, etc. Ask for a list of GAO documents on Criminal Justice topics.
(202) 512-6000

Subscription Office of NIDA Notes, NIDA's bi-monthly newsletter with articles on research and NIDA grants.
(301) 294-5401

NIDA Press Office, which compiles NIDA Capsules -- press releases on various topics such as inhalant abuse, methamphetamine abuse, needle exchange, etc.
(301) 443-6245

United Nations
Main Number: (212) 963-1234
Criminal Justice Section: (212) 963-5634
Publications: (800) 253-9694 or (212) 963-8302

United Nations International Drug Control Program (UNODC) publishes documents as well as a newsletter, Information Letter.
PO Box 500, A-1400, Vienna, Austria

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